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Keeping yourself Pleasant to have a Pleasant Facial Expression

The most important way to attract or impress people is to have a pleasant facial expression. Looking pleasant has got nothing to do with being good looking. Being good looking is only an attribute while being pleasant is a bit more to the core of our personality. Being pleasant is far better than being good looking and present yourself unpleasant.

Pleasant people can always attract and make others pleasant. Keep a smile on your face always. Make sure that the smile on your face is original and not artificial. If it becomes artificial you are more likely to be disregarded in front of people.

Face is said to be the mirror of one’s heart. Be good at your heart and have the same expression on your face too. Our mood can change because we are human beings. We do not have good facial expression when we’re tired and in a bad mood. Our facial expressions depend on the very situation we are in. When you’re sad, take a deep breath slowly and exile through your nose. Soften your facial muscles which became hard because of your mood.

  • When you go for an interview, all facial expressions play an important role because talented people can read a lot from the expression on your face. Show pleasant face always even when you are confused or find yourself unable to answer and try telling the interviewer “sorry sir or ma’am I cannot recall the answer now.” Let your face always glow with a soft, soothing smile. Some are so pleasant that they can make others happy also.
  • There are always different ways to keep you pleasant in front of any one or anything. First of all, you should have a strong mindset as to face everything and anything that may happen to you or people related to you.  When you feel tensed or frightened; try taking two or three deep breaths and relax. Say to yourself, all is well. Think that you can do it or face it as it comes to you. You are not any degree less than any one else in this world.
  • Practice some good facial expression that you think may catch the eyes of the people in front of the mirror. Come to the real world and show yourself to them. You have made a difference and you must be pleasant always.
  • Facial expression is a sign of different moods of a person. If a person is happy, it can be seen in her smile. If a person is sad, he will have wrinkles on his face. If he is surprised, her eyes will get bigger and when he is angry, his face cannot be painted.

Our facial expressions are the results of our daily living and the attitudes we have. It’s good to have good facial expression because it’s addictive. It means that if you give a good smile to someone, that someone will eventually return it back with a wider smile. Nice, isn’t it? Therefore, always put a smile in your face to start your day right.


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